SensEco Deluxe Laundry Sheet unscented 70x

SensEco Deluxe Laundry Sheet unscented 70x
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Some words about the product
Innovative washing way. Eco-friendly, recyclable, phosphate-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, palm oil free.
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About the product


  • Based on coconut oil. No microplastics.
  • Dissolves in water completely even on 30 C. No residues in the drum.
  • Suitable for hand washing and the sheets can be torn easily.
  • No more plastic bottle or bag.
  • Crispy clean clothes after washing.
  • Resealable paper box.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Almost zero water, no more water shipped to your home.
  • Small paper box easily stored even in the smallest bathroom.
  • Safe to both baby and pregnant woman, pH value 7.0
  • Excellent product for business trip or travel.
  • Phosporus free, benzene free, non-toxic, fluorescer free


  • 3 kg washing needs only 1 piece of laundry sheet
  • Simply put clothes into machine, add the laundry sheet and start washing