Szafi Reform Dark Choco bar 26g

Szafi Reform Dark Choco bar 26g
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Some words about the product
Glutenfree, vegan, with 50% reduced ch content, no added sugar
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About the product

Dark chocolate content  21 %, cacao content min 35 %

Ingredients: fibres (inulin, polydextrose, dextrin), vegetal fibre concentrate (coconut), glycerine, cocoa mass, RSPO certified palm oil, rapseed oil, cacao butter, pektin, citric acid, sunflower lecitine, aroma

Average nutrition

100 g product


1731 kJ / 420 kcal


-          of which saturates

29 g

18 g

Carbo hydrates

-          of which sugar

-          of which poliol

18 g

2,7 g

14 g


35 g


10 g


0,01 g