GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate 90 capsules

GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate 90 capsules
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„Fully reacted” Next-generation magnesium with the power of glycine.
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About the product

What is magnesium good for? Magnesium is a rather important mineral, the required quantity of which is difficult to absorb solely by nutrition. Stress, sports, food with high phytic acid content (seeds, wholegrain cereals, barns, etc.), as well as coffee and tea consumption may speed up the clearance of magnesium from the body. As a result, magnesium deficit is a general phenomenon.

In our product, magnesium is present and bound to glycine amino acid, so it is a “fully reacted” organic form. Our experience is that this form does not cause magnesium side effects loose stool or associated problems, even for those with a sensitive stomach.

Application: Daily 2 x 1 pcs. if we take one capsule in the evening after dinner or before going to bed, and the other after any meal.

Ingredients: 100 per cent magnesium bisglycinate (“fully reacted”), gelatin (capsule shell)

It contains 820mg magnesium bisglycinate per capsule, from which 100mg is well utilised elementary magnesium.