GAL Bio-Curcumin+Forte, Turmeric Extract 60 capsules

GAL Bio-Curcumin+Forte, Turmeric Extract 60 capsules
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Micronized turmeric extract in absorption enhancing matrix
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About the product

GAL Biocurcumin+ Forte

The absorption of the active substances of turmeric into the blood circulation is very limited. We created this product to address this issue.

An extract of black pepper, BioPerine® can increase the absorption of curcuminoids by up to 2000%. In addition, a new, patented turmeric extract, Bio-Curcumin®(BCM-95®) contains micronized curcuminoids combined with turmeric essential oil, and it is 6 times more effective even than the black pepper extract.

The active substance of ginger called gingerol also enhances the absorption of curcumin, moreover, its effect is similar to that of curcumin, especially when used together with ginger essential oils.

The turmeric extract standardized for turmerones also significantly enhances  the absorption of curcumin. Our product is infused with this combination!

Recommended consumption is 1 capsule per day with meal.


  • It may improve the cardiovascular system
  • It is a strong antioxidant
  • I may support the immune system
  • It is a strong anti-inflammatory
  • It can help to balance the brain and nervous system


If you have problems with pungent/hot foods or have gall problems, consult with your physician before use.